RapidWeaver Meetup San Francisco - June

I’ll be out in San Francisco this June for WWDC (13th-17th), and I was thinking it might be a good chance to meet up with some fellow weavers!

I think @joeworkman and possible @isaiah will be in town too…

Anyone in the area interested in this?


Sounds great.

I live in the Bay Area and have to go to the City multiple times a week these days.

Pick a time and place and I bet folks will show!


Like Mark, happy to drive in to the city unless you guys are coming to the Napa Valley. Hopefully @ben will join you for the trip.

Afraid we are a dark roast town but look forward to having coffee with you!

I’m originally from the Central (San Joaquin) Valley - times like this makes me wish I still was there! :neutral_face: