Has anyone integrated Cartloom or Shopify with a customer login area?

I’m looking at using a cart system (currently Cartloom or Shopify) for a new website, but wanted our users to be able to login to our site and see their order history from the cart, etc. This isn’t for subscriber only services, more for a tailored experience, and so the user can access their cart history and details from previous shopping trips.

Yes :smiley: Cartloom does offer this, Shopify does not have order management for use in external websites.

With Cartloom it’s called Find Order, you can either embed our Find Order button or assign a class link to trigger Find Order. When a user clicks on it, a modal will appear, prompting their order email address. Once entered, Cartloom will find all order associated purchases for that email address, then send an email to the buyer with their complete order history. For digital product purchases, Cartloom will even allow the buyers to either download again, or request for a new download link.

You can locate the Find Order feature under Admin > Orders > Snippets

A live example of find order can be found at https://nickcatesdesign.com


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I have Cartloom Order lookup on Weaver’s Space as well. Works great! Weaver's Space Support

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