Headings: H1, H2,

I created a site with RW8 using only blank pages by Theme Flood. According to the rules SEO the site is indexed very well but has only one problem related to the headings (h1,h2,h3…).
I would like to know how to add an H1 tag to each page and include a keyword that’s relevant to that page.


I think you meant blank theme not pages?
That leads to the next question, what kind of page(s) are you using?

  • Styled text
  • Stacks
  • Markdown
  • Something else

They all have different ways of adding headlines (h1 - h6).

Thanks for the reply. You’re right it’s blank theme. The site is mainly composed of Stacks. How can I insert headings that should be visible to search engines but not on the site?

There’s a built in “stack” that does headlines not at my Mac now but I think it’s called headings and has a image of a big <h3> on it. You can set it to an h1-h6 in the inspector…

You can hide most stacks by selecting to “hide” at all breakpoints in the inspector. Not sure why you would want to hide something as important as a headline from the user.
There’s also a number of addon stacks that do the same.

I did a search and found only Header pro (Big White Duck). Did you mean this?

That’s one, it does a lot more than you said you wanted.

The included headings stack will work fine if you’re going to “hide” it anyway. All the extra stuff won’t make any difference to search engines, it’s just format and looks.

I’d start with the Header stack that comes with Stacks. Red <H3> icon.

At this point, you don’t need the advanced features included in BDW’s Header Pro.


OK, thank you very much!

Hi Don H,

I have a doubt: if, for headings, I insert the tag H3 directly without the others that precede it hierarchically (H1, H2,) the risk could be that the search engines reject it.

what do you think about it?

Do I get the same result if I insert the H1 tag directly into the HTML stacks?

You can change the Size of the Header stack to an h1-h6. In the inspector on the right.

It will show on the page, you said you didn’t want that.

As Doug pointed out, while the icon for the included Header stack shows H3 on it’s icon, it can be used to assign any of the heading levels (H1 through H6). You add the stack and select what level you want assigned in the stack’s settings.

In general, yes, it’s a good idea to use them in a hierarchy.

Thanks for your answers.


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