Extra blank H1 issue when using non defaults

With some themes the default H1 space is too small or interferes with the menu etc. We want to use a stack like Header X or Dynamic Text. If we deactivate the checkbox in general and don’t have an override on title or slogans on the page ( have those unchecked as well ) A blank H1 still shows up on the end output.

h1 id=“site_title”> this reports in SEO as a blank duplicate.

and I also get the extra one from any of the stacks I have tried to use for H1 - ie;

Professional Video Production Services Company

From an SEO perspective we are getting flagged as having 2 x H1 titles and its can’t be good. Any thoughts on how to actually turn off the defaults so they don’t show up in the code? I just want the override ones.


No way to turn off H1 default so as to use an on page H1?? Bing marks double H1 as severe problem…

Please see this site www.atomicpixel.com.au. If the title and slogan are turned off on the General settings and on each page, I should not be getting a RW generated H1.

Still having this drama. Have recently tried using the Vidrio theme from One Little Designer, but even though theirs displays as one H1 and its in the body, I can not replicate it, and as yet they have not responded how to acheive the exact thing they are demonstrating. I have turned off the site title, but it just shows in the source as a blank. i then add a new one via Header X, which shows as you would expect, but HOW to get rid of the default site title blank entry??

Bing really does not like having an extra H1 bit of code, regardless of whether its a blank in between the H1 entry in the code. It just says severe error, 2 H1’s etc.

If a theme or framework forces the site title to be H1, I don’t use it. It’s that simple.

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thanks Neil,
Can you point me towards any?
It feels like Rapidweaver is doing it and the themes don’t override it properly. ie you turn off Site title and Slogan in general settings, and the source code still places a H1 with no entry. I then add one I want as a real H1 via the likes of header X etc, and then I have a rapidweaver blank H1 plus the one I want in the source code.

Cheers and thanks for your advice.

Foundation (Top Bar) has the option of choosing the site title element. You can select any header size (1-6) or a p (paragraph). It’s the only one I’ve come across that allows the site title element you want.

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looks like the way we need to go.

Thanks Neil, I am migrating the site to foundation, and it appears to be doing the trick. Much more flexible for designing as well. Thanks for the heads up

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