Help ! What is this and can Rapidweaver use it?


As you have probably gathered from the title I do not know very much about web design but I do own a copy of Rapidweaver. My daughter has asked if I can build a site that either uses or looks like “template” she has found for sale on the internet.

I realise that it is not a Rapidweaver template and I think it may be an AJAX template. What an AJAX template is and how it is used is a complete mystery to me as the last time I came across Ajax it was in a tin and used for cleaning worktops and bathrooms.

If you have recommendations of any RW Themes or tools that look the same then please let me know.

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Perhaps you could elaborate on what about the template she likes.

I took a quick look and it seems to be mostly a slider.

There are tons of themes available for RapidWeaver that might do similar things.

Do you have the stacks plugin? There are also several stack sliders and complete frameworks that can build a very similar look.

Thanks for your reply: she likes the first demo of Grenada particularly the numbers counting up and the type face that changes from wire frame to solid when clicked.

Yes I do have Stacks and I also recently purchased the Source framework with a view to completing the tutorials. I think I may have a busy weekend ahead!

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That’s a nice slider! Unfortunately I have not seen anything like that available. You maybe able to build it using a slider that supports syncing sliders like splider from shakingthehabitual or moving box from Joe workman, since it looks like there are 2 sliders working one for the background and one for the words.

While not close to the above example there are some alternatives: has a nice stack called swiper

Or look at his themes like Phaedra or Photogrophos series

Not sure if this is possible, but take a look at MovingBox by Weavers Space. You would need something else to move the words over the image, but that slider reminded me of the gallery look you can get with MovingBox, you can see it here:

i think Foundation box uses moving box and maybe the target stack for positioning

When viewed on a desktop the image slides in background while the headlines slide with a peek effect positioned in the center of the slider.

You could reach out to @davidefan to see how it was created

There is the zonal stack, but it only works with Themeflood themes and RWSkinz.

Don’t know if it does video.

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Thanks for all these pointers to examples of great looking web sites. I will pass them on to the boss and see what she thinks.

That slider on the Faroe project file was done syncing two moving box stacks with a slightly different response time. It gives the slider a much classier effect.

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