Can i reproduce this design using rapid weaver free theme

I’m new here. I’m still wondering if i should buy rapid weaver.
I need to do 1 website for myself.
I did one free website on the online editor wix. But I don’t like the idea of not being able to manage hosting and to pay every month.
So i’m wondering if i can do something very similar using Rapid weaver.
here is my wix website:
can anyone look at it and tell me if it exists a theme in rapid weaver that will allow me to reproduce them design and functionality. It’s a pretty basic site.
thank you so much for your help.

Yes you can… 2 options:
go to
and see if you can find a theme that resemble what you/need and build form there, preferably using the stacks plugin (extra cost, but highly recommended)
Or, you can purchase one of the framework setups such as Foundation, Foundry or UI kit and create site site as you want it to look, total control. (extra cost, but highly recommended). there are projects pre-built(extra cost) for the frameworks that you can use/modify such as or

if i understand well, stacks helps create and design new pages.
can i modify a page as i like from a theme, for example, adding an image or a array of images?

Yes you can. Stacks gives you this flexibility.
You need …
The Stacks3 plugin from Yourhead Software
A theme or Framework (framework recommended for layout flexibility)
This Forum (free)
and your good to go…

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If you purchase one of the frameworks mentioned above, you have a blank canvas and you create your layout as you desire with the provided stacks, For example… if you want a large banner you add a banner stack, then you add a 3 column stack and add text, after that you may want a carousel of images that autoplay so you add a slider stack and continue from there. So you control what is on the page as opposed to a theme where you have to follow what the developer created. Both have their pro/cons

Your WIX site is not responsive. Meaning it does not appear different for mobile. The frameworks mentioned above are great products, but perhaps a regular theme might be a better starting point. The learning curve of being new to RapidWeaver, and trying to start with a blank framework, might be a bit overwhelming.
RapidWeaver still offers a free trial version.
Stacks (I would recommend as well) also provides a trial

As for a Theme, you might want to take a look at some of Wil Woodgate’s(@willwood) Flood Theme’s, they all have free demo versions you can try out.


Thanks, there is a free version of stacks3 I’m gonna try with that.
also the foundation blank framework seems to be free.
So that should give me an idea about what is do-able, then I’ll purchase it if the free version is too limited.
thanks for quick support

i have everything free for now so i can start to play with it.
as you mentioned i’ll probably start with a theme rather than a framework.
so far i like this forum very much.
thank you guys

Wix have a weird way of doing responsive. Their websites are only responsive if you go to them using an actual smartphone or tablet. It’s quite a clumsy way of handling mobile support; certainly not something that bodes well with modern day standards.

I agree that it would be best to start small and simple. Get RapidWeaver and get the Stacks plugin to start with. Use a conventional theme and get familiar with all the basics of building and publishing a basic website with RapidWeaver. Otherwise the danger is you can end-up spending a fortune on addons, and get really frustrated and demoralised when things don’t work as expected. Once you are up-to-speed on the basics of building with RapidWeaver, you can slowly grow your addon collection and build more sophisticated websites.