Help with pages that can be turned on/off

I’ve been running this one through my brain a bit and can’t get it sorted. Is there a way via a cms (joe’s total cms in my case) to allow a client/end user to turn a page on and off? I love the freedom of total cms and being able to turn elements on/off or select elements for display within a page, any ideas on how one may do this for an actual page so that the page would/would not appear on the site and related menus/navigation? Any thoughts on how one might accomplish this or similar functionality.

Please note I understand making pages active/inactive within RW. My goal is to pass this ability to my end user/client.

In order to do that you old have to manually build the navigation system using Tcms macros inside toggles.

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Also, keep in mind that the CMS would likely not delete the pages from the server, just remove them from the navigation. If anyone has the removed page(s) bookmarked or they’re indexed by Google, people will still be able to get to those pages.

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