Total CMS - Stuck in a rut

Hi All,

I’m using a 30 day demo of Total CMS by the great JW.

I’ve added the admin core to an ADMIN page and the TOTAL CMS Text Edit stack called it “easycms”
i have a CONTENT page with the TOTAL CMS Text stack macro also called easycms.

Published it. Went to have a look and when i go to save the new text in the admin page it just keeps there. The progress wheel goes round and round. My temper gets bigger and bigger and i know that if i’m just given the right push all will be good but i don’t know why this is happening?

Can anyone chip in and help a poor fellow out. I have a quote for a client and i’ll either use this or i won’t be able to quote and they’ll be back on wordpress before the weeks out

Nooooooooo i hear you gasp in terror.

If it goes through i’ll even let you know who it was as it’s a pretty big UK retailer. :wink: good for rapidweaver

Never fear all is good.

word to the wise make sure you put the right url in the settings menu inside web address.

Dufus out

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Glad that you figured it out!