Help with Sitelok - RESOLVED

(Dave) #1

I have a client who has a fall festival each year. This past winter, they accepted applicants for the 2017 festival. When filling out the registration form, @vibralogix’s Sitelok calculated how much each potential vendor would have to pay in booth fees (it depends upon size of booth, type of vendor, etc.) and placed this amount in a Custom Field. Upon completing the application, each vendor paid a $25.00 non-refundable application fee.

The time has now come to (hopefully) allow each vendor who was selected to participate in the festival to log back into the Sitelok system and pay their booth fees.

I’ve read the Sitelok PayPal manual a few times, and played with the plugin, but I can’t figure out a way to get PayPal to pull the amount from the custom field.

As I recall, when I was testing the feature last winter, while I was logged into PayPal, it showed the correct balance - but I have no idea how to get a vendor back to it.

One possible solution I’ve thought of is using the Cartloom plugin for Sitelok, and then paying for a one month subscription (all payments must be made within two weeks). I think I could then set up a page for each dollar amount (e.g., 75 vendors might owe $200; 30 vendors might owe $275; 60 vendors might owe $350, etc.).

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.



(Dave) #2

I should have known (or remembered). When Adrian set this all up last fall, he created a stand-alone page on the website that takes care of the back-end calculation. So, when a vendor logs in on this page, he/she is presented with the amount they still owe- and a PayPal button to take care of it.

Since Adrian created the stand-alone page, it is not in my RapidWeaver project file, and I wasn’t see it.

Adrian looked through his old emails, found that he created the solution last fall, and emailed me the details.

His Sitelok plugin is not only drop-dead easy to use, very affordable, and packed with user-features, but his customer support is absolutely second-to-none.

Many, many thanks Adrian!