Praise for Adrian from Sitelok

Getting support for technical issues from developers can sometimes be frustrating. So when I encounter a level of support that goes above and beyond what I have ever encountered before, I feel the need to give recognition to that person.

I wanted to create an online contest for photographers and models that would require them to sign in, create a detailed profile and have their images uploaded for the contest entry. After looking around I wasn’t sure if any of the membership systems that were out there would do the job. So I sent an inquiry through the Sitelok support page to inquire if Sitelok could do the job.

Adrian, the developer, wasn’t entirely sure himself and so he gave me Sitelok for FREE to try out and then installed it on my server and walked me through the whole process to put the proper code into my Rapidweaver pages. So when we found areas where Sitelok wouldn’t work out of the box, he actually wrote new code to make it work. So I paid him for Sitelok and committed to working with him.

His responses to my issues were extremely fast. It was almost like he was my partner on the project. I cannot give high enough praise for him and I am amazed at how he was able to configure Sitelok to meet the stringent needs of an online contest.

If you are interested in seeing the results, you can learn more about it here:

Thanks Adrian! You are AWESOME!!!

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SAME THINIG for me a couple of years ago. I needed an option during sign-up where vendors could choose from a list of booth sizes AND the type of organization they represented (e.g. non profit, jewelry, food, pottery, etc.). Based on the items selected, the client wanted an amount to autopolulate so that the vendor could pay their festival fees while signing up. Adriad worked out the details and made it all work. I insisted I pay him for his work - he ended up charging me a teeny amount of money. (I hopefully made it up over the ensuing years by always paying for my add-on licenses).

I, too, cannot say enough good things about Adrian and Sitelok. He and his product rock!

Yes, SiteLok and Adrian are great. The biggest surprise for me was how easy it was to install. I find the mailing part of the program works brilliantly for sending newsletters to members, especially in conjunction with Joe Workman’s Email stacks for making pretty html emails. In fact, I’m thinking of getting a copy for my personal website just so that I can send spiffy emails to my friends.

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Curious, @peterdanckwerts - does sending pretty emails from Sitelok require Joe’s Sitelok stacks? I’ve never had a need for his email stacks…and none of my installations of Sitelok use Joe’s companion stacks. But, I might be swayed to buy his email stack if the Sitelok stack is not required.

Sitelok is not required to send emails. Any email stack or even just an email link will accomplish that. There are tons of email form stacks out there to format your emails pretty much any way you like.

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But email stacks are for receiving emails from other people. I’m talking about sending personalised emails to an email list on a database. I don’t have Joe’s Sitelock stacks, so the answer is definitely no. Of course, you don’t need Sitelok at all to use Joe’s Email stacks. It is useful with forms as well. Here is an example of an automatic reply generated by a Forms Plus booking form:

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You also don’t need Joe’s stacks to send email from Sitelok. Personally, I integrate email code generated by the free Mailshot (from Doobox) with Sitelok’s emailing system. Works great.

And yes, Adrian Jones is definitely one of the nicest and most responsive developers of them all.

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Yes, Adrian is the best. He helped me so much when a website I was working on required a form with drop downs and acting on them. As far as I am concerned he is the gold standard for customer service, and working as a retail manager for 28 years I have a high bar for what constitutes exemplary service.

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Adrian has been a star for a long time! To this day I’m still super impressed with his professionalism and quality of work.

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I figured I’d tag @vibralogix to ensure he sees all of the nice comments about his work…and HIM. All too often we (speaking figuratively) are happy to go online and spout off when things don’t go right. So, I love it when a person does the opposite and recognizes someone who does things right. In addition to consistently going above and beyond for me (he’s provided assistance with several projects), I also love that he prices add-on licenses at half price - and the fact that he cares about me more than just being a customer. I reached out to him in 2019 about an issue I was having (user error) and he not only steered me in the right direction, but he also asked how our move to a new house went. He’d remembered that detail from 6 or 7 months earlier.


I am sitting here blushing right now!!! Thank you all for your kind words and support.



All right! Time for some criticism and negative comments!

Can’t find any :man_shrugging:t2: He really is good :joy::+1:


Well deserved, Adrian, well deserved. Great customer service for your product and an immensely detailed set of technical manuals that help those who are aware of, but not 100% familiar with, web coding to install and manage the products. Bask for a few minutes :slight_smile:

Absolutely agree. Top notch service from Arian. Every time I’ve asked for help he not only answered fast and adequate, but also provided hands-on service.

In my opinion integration in Joe’s new TCMS blog should make a near perfect combo

I agree completely. I have experienced a number of issues over the years and contacting Adrian at SiteLok is always a great experience. I like his products and his assistance in troubleshooting is always timely and appropriate. Thanks Adrian!

I bought sitelok recently and managed to get it working the way I wanted. But unlike the others here I emailed for some support and heard nothing back. I managed to get it working more through Joe Workmans videos and trial and error got it working. I’m very happy with Sitelok despite my different experience to others posting here.

I wonder, though, if the issues you experienced were not tied explicitly to SiteLok? It sounds like it might have had more to do with the Stacks that work with Sitelok than with Sitelok itself.

Hi Dave,

No, it was with Sitelok that I ask for support as to how to do what I needed and got no reply. Figured it out myself. It was in relation to club membership where members already have a membership number and want to use this as the password.

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Hi Pat,

Sorry to hear that. I did get your email about usernames and passwords on the 24th January and replied to it the same day. Maybe you have spam filtering or some other type of email filtering setup? Yahoo email is notorious for that unfortunately. As I say on my contact form, if you don’t get a reply within 24 hours its quite likely that my reply has been blocked or filtered so its always worth contacting me again so I realise there is an issue with the email.


I have just had some more support from Adrian. I created an html fundraising letter in Joe’s email stacks to send out using SiteLok. For some reason, the URLs in the letter were prefixed by the address of the SiteLok directory. Adrian pointed out that the html included some strange code. It turned out that, like a fool, instead of using the link button in the text stack, I typed the link in manually and, like a greater fool, I didn’t choose ‘ignore formatting’. By some bizarre twist, the resulting code made SiteLok insert the directory address.

Adrian was very helpful and didn’t even chide me for being a blinking idiot. I can say much the same of Greg at Chillidog when I had a problem of my own making with Forms Plus. Whenever someone suggests that addons are expensive, I think of all the support which is provided uncomplainingly.