Help with the Regen Modern Theme

Hi there,

I was wondering if there was anybody out there who could help me with adjusting the size, primarily the height, of the floating background image in the Regen Theme. I’m not a complete RW novice, but i’ve tried various google searches and help forums to no avail.

As a new user I can’t upload images unfortunately, which I know would help!!

Any thoughts appreciated.


Can you supply a link to your site so we can take a look?

Hi Kryten,

Thanks for your response. I’m in the process of getting the site live, so when this is done I will send you a link.

Many thanks


The greater the distance in the code (Extra content), the higher the image is displayed.
I hope that’s what you want to know.

Hi Kryten,

Here’s the link …

Any help greatly appreciated.



Hi Oscar,

I’ve tried this bit of code, but it doesn’t make a difference. Here’s a link to the website which is now live.

I’m trying to get the height of the image in the background greater, so you can see more of it when you scroll up and down the screen.

Thanks for your help.




#extraContainer1box,#extraContainer2box {
    height: 120px;

Let me know.

That works, I have seen.

#extraContainer1 { height: 300px; }

#extraContainer2 { height: 300px; }

@mrwarm @kryten
krytens code works fine too :wink:

It’s your choice!

Thanks for your help! Very much appreciated!

Great stuff. Thanks for all your help Kryten.

Take care, Nick