Multi Regen theme background images (extracontent 1 & 2) throw 404

(Spencer Davis) #1

We recently purchased the Multi Regen Theme by multithemes and when published the extracontent areas are empty. when I check the console in the browser it throws a 404 for both images. the images were changed from the theme defaults. I’ve checked via filezilla, that the files are indeed where they are being referenced. :confused:
Second thing, we’d like the extracontent areas to be bigger, like on the example site for the theme
If you could point us out on how to do this that’d be fantastic!
Thanks guys!

(scott williams) #2

First thing I would check is file name spelling and case - case counts on most servers. Site URL?

(Spencer Davis) #3

File names are the same as the originals

(scott williams) #4

NO, they are not… Case matters
is this the image you want?

Notice .JPG not .jpg

(Spencer Davis) #5

OH. Didn’t think to check the extension. THANKS! So, second issue, do you know how to make the extracontent areas bigger?

(scott williams) #6

it looks like width is set to 100% you can try to adjust height with CSS #extraContainer2box_bottom, is set to 60px right now.

I don’t have the theme is there a way to do it in the theme settings?

(Spencer Davis) #7

not default settings. But thanks that pointer did get me thinking that I can probly override what I need to with css/js if i need to! Thanks swilliam!