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Howdy all

I have a store that uses a stacks page, each month I want to shut it down and take it offline from orders. The issue I am having is if someone has the page url they can go there anytime. Is there any way to take a page offline so that even if a user has the URL they can not see the page.

I tried turning it to draft and that did not seem to help.



I would make a substitute page with explanation why the original page is missing at that URL and upload it in place of the one you want to take down. You would need to use some third party FTP client to delete the original page from your server. Sounds complicated? :wink:

If it’s a stack page, you could put the whole page in a lockbox stack and a the replacement page in another, which ever you want live remove from the lockbox. I’m sure there may also be a way to do it with a timer type stack like tardis from @joeworkman. Have a look at those and see if it fits the need.

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