FTP Feature Request

When I delete a page in Rapidweaver and republish all changes it works, except that it leaves the deleted page in place on the server so the page still exists. The only way I can effectively remove any deleted content from my site is to use an FTP application like Yummy and remove the page folder manually. Is there any this could be incorporated into Rapidweaver?

We deliberately don’t remove files from your server. Given that people upload files ad-hoc away from RapidWeaver, there’s no way for us to reliably detect whether a file is “orphaned”, or separately uploaded.

We are, however, considering ways that would not require you to go to a third-party app to remove files from your server. Though, I must disclaim that this is a longer-term feature and not going to appear in the immediate future!


Sure I understand the risks and I have various folders on the server that are unrelated to Rapidweaver. I just wonder if there would be a way to delete the specific page folders on the server that are related to the deleted pages inside RW when the site was next published.

@nikf Had a customer with this support issue actually contact his host, GoDaddy, and they told him not to remove the index.html file, but to add .bak to the end as a backup. Possible to have RapidWeaver do this? Then you are not deleting, just changing the file name.