Hide a website - privacy

Weary of trying to find an app with cloud facility (or a browser app) that meets my requirements, I am contemplating creating a website entirely for my own use. I could then upload whatever information I want.

Q1 - If I avoid SEO then what would be the likelihood of search engines finding the site?

Q2 - Would it be best to have a HTTPS to avoid being told my site is insecure and a danger etc?

Q3 - Is there a stack (login password sort of thing) that I could incorporate in the site to add another layer of security from prying eyes?


  • Q3: Have a look at Pagesafe or Locked, you can also add an htaccess/htpasswd file combo.
  • Q2: Always use HTTPS. There‚Äôs no reason not to and it free at any good hosting company.
  • Q1: You can check the no index and no follow options on each page or you can add a robots txt file. If every page is secured then neither option would be needed.

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