Question about redirecting from http to https

I recently bought a SSL Certificate for one of my sites. The site doesn’t sell anything or even have a contact page but I read an article by Google where they said they consider them good practice nowadays. They also said it is now a (slight) factor in page ranking which is really the reason I’m doing it.

I’ve setup the certificate and can now view my site via the https address with no problems. The only problem I’ve got is that my site appears in google search results with the http address. Does anyone know an easy way to get a site to automatically redirect from http to https? I’ve never done it before so am a beginner at this.

my host Fast Comet simply did it for free for me and it was in affect in about 4 minutes. I sent them a message asking them to change my site from http to https and it was done in less than 4 min.

Also, if you use cloudflare there are options there as well.

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It may vary depending on your host. If you’re host is using Apache web server and they support using an .htacess file then you can use a redirect to use https.


If you’re able to use.htacess then this post will help.


Thanks for the replies got it sorted now. Spoke to my host ( and they referred me to a help page which demonstrated how to create a .htaccess file but the instructions were for a PC using Notepad so was confusing. Phoned them again and they did it for me over the phone in a couple of minutes.