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Once you spend a little time with it I think you will find Foundry to be very accessible and even quite fun to use. Good luck! Btw, the Elixir Forum is also a great place for help and learning more about Foundry:

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Foundry & Foundation are both “Blank” themes…you add what you need…so you can make them look like what you want.
But you have to add their respective theme to make them work. Also you can’t use their stacks between them…but other stacks “MAY” work.

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Thank you, David! :blush:

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Thank you, Joe! :blush:

I would like to comment again to say thank you and share some information I found helpful and useful, which may also be beneficial for other users.

To people who kindly commented and helped me here :

This was the first thread I have created here, and I was very nervous, but I am so glad that people were very kind and helpful. So thank you very much, everybody, who commented and helped me. It was the right choice to choose this software :blush:

As David mentioned above, I found there was so much I can do with Foundry, and it was very accessible once I understood the basics! I felt the power of this community as well. I honestly spent a week struggling to find out about the fundamental parts, and I came here, and within a day I learnt so much thanks to the people who helped me here, and it was only a matter of time until I could make a website I wanted to make! I was so fascinated by how easy it is to create a website with RapidWeaver, Stacks, and Foundry!

To users who may have encountered similar issues and came to this topic :

I found the pre-built projects very helpful to start with and useful to learn from.
The URL of the pre-built projects is https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/project-files/.

I also found the tutorial video about the navigation bar helpful and useful.
The URL of the tutorial video is https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com/tutorials/.

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