How Can I Make the Nav Bar Disappear From All Pages Except My Home Page?

The Subject says it all. I only want my nav bar on my homepage not all the others that follow. Is there an easy to make this happen?

Would be very easy if you were using Foundation by Joe Workman (or any similar theme, like Bootsnap or Pure), as you would just not add a nav bar on that page. Not sure how and it would help with either the name of the theme or a link to your site.

Thanks zeebe. Just getting started with RapidWeaver and the site build so it’s not published as yet. How can I find out the name of theme I’m using? Sorry for the dumb question but I have looked all over RapidWeaver and can’t find the name of the theme I’m using. If I use Foundation can I simply apply it to the theme I’m using now since I really like the site’s look and feel. Don’t want to rebuild.

No, to use Foundation or any theme like it would be a kind of rebuilt, but not total.

Open the themes drawer and look for your theme there, that is where you will find it.

Watched the Foundation video and fell in love. Using it already. So much more flexible, powerful and intuitive. Thanks so much.

Gee, this reads like an advertisement for foundation. :grin: I started using foundation 2 months ago and it is very, very flexible. Switching to this non-theme required a lot of revision to my site which was mostly removal of code that manipulated the theme I had been using. Be sure to check out as they have several donationware add on stacks for foundation.

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