Hide Voyager Theme Banner Image?

Is there a way to hide the Voyager Theme banner image? I can’t spot anything obvious. I just need to do it for one page anyone know if this is possible?

@CoffeeBeans: That isn’t an option that is built-in to the theme.

What if I got the Pro version - can I do it then?

doesn’t look like it - Pro version offers height flexibility but no option to ‘collapse’ the banner.

Thanks @manofdogz and @Elixir. I’ve just had a look at the Pro version - I wonder if I had a 'Blank" banner image that had a weeny height (10 - 20 px) and used the flexible setting if that would make it look as though there wasn’t anything there???

I love these themes that have HUGE banner areas, I wish there was an easy option to not display them occasionally :frowning:

Some themes do have the collapse banner option - I’m pretty sure most from BLT and Michael David have them for example. You might get away with the smallest ‘blank’ banner (I don’t know what the smallest option is) but it may simply look a little unbalanced.

you could try this, its not exactly what you are asking for, but its something…

#banner {
height: 80px;

Thanks @rolisize, but it didn’t work, the banner stayed the same size. Are you using the Pro version?

no the “lite” version that comes with RW7…hmmm its working for me.
did you paste the code in the css panel like in the pic attached


Aha! Sorry my bad, I skipped the # tag - I need to do something with my keyboard as I my hashtag and £ are in the wrong place! Thank you I will see how I can work with this :grin:

Thanks @manofdogz they have beautiful designs, will take a closer look :eyeglasses:

Funny that the proposed code works fine if pasted in the CSS field of the individual pages, but not if pasted in the global Code > CSS field.