Banner Re-Size Issue

I am using R/W 7.5.6 with the Voyager theme.
I am attempting to build my first web site and I am still unfamiliar with all the R/W options.
Using the Voyager theme, I wish to substitute the banners on most of the pages I am using and it does allow me to drop in the alternate images and they look good in Preview mode but when I view the page in Safari, all my banner images are expanded and clipped on the top and side margins.
I have experimented with all kinds of different pixel settings and nothing seems to help.
If I need to switch to a different theme, could anyone recommend a good one to use?
Or do I need to inject some custom CSS code into those pages? If so, what and where?
My HTML and CSS coding knowledge is very limited.

Link to page please!

I’m sorry Joe, I do not yet have a web hosting service.
Being new to R/W, I wish to verify what I am attempting will work before I commit to the expense of signing up with a host. I have been attempting all my designs thus far in the off-line mode using Preview and Preview in Safari.
If you look at the previews in the pro version, the banners appear to be patterns more than pictures?
You may want another theme, depending on banner you choose, but you can experiment
easily by switching themes yourself within RW?

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