Hover stack with texts and pictures?

Is there any way to get [this hover result] (https://www.hanahlife.com/pages/ingredients) with stacks? I looked at about 10 different stacks but none seems to have exactly what I want. I get that I need a grid stack - recommendations for the hover effect? Thank you!

Take a look at Big White Duck’s SectionsBOX stack. It can be a bit tricky to get your head around but there are demo projects you can download and tinker with and it’s a superb stack.


This another free alternative - not the exact effect, but pleasing nevertheless. http://www.weavium.com/stacks/image-card

I’ve used it here to create a simple hover effect for the three illustrations.

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Maybe this stack can help you out too: Caption­On­Image


SectionsBox will do it for you, it’s really powerful. Here’s a tutorial I made on how to create hover activated animations with it. Of course this applies to ANYTHING that you insert in the stack.

And here’s a blueprint of my setup: https://goo.gl/jNrjFc


Thank you! This might work if the caption can cover the entire page as in the example. I will study the examples some more.

I will give them a try. Thank you!

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You could take a look at one of my Freebies to get started. You might even be able to use one straight out of the box.