Rollover text over image

I’m looking to recreate this page in RW, but struggling to come up with a way to have the text info over the images appear on rollover. I’ve looked at Layer but it doesn’t allow the rollover effect.

This stack might work for you:

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Yeah, I looked at PopUp, but I don’t want the panels and the animation - just centered type which appears and disappears.

Take a look at Sections and Sections Box by BWD then:


take a look at:

As mentioned, Section Box is also a good option

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Wow, those are pretty complex! I’ll dig into them later, but for now I think I need something a little simpler! It’s funny that it seems to be an effect not commonly addressed.

Here’s another possibility:
Slide Overlay Stack

HoverBox from @willwood would also be worth a look. You can download a free demo to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

If you have Foundry with the Potion Pack addon, the Hover Image stack will do what you want.

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I recently ventured into the same goal, to create a similar effect.

I wavered between Sections and Sections Box by BWD and Hover Image stack which is included Potion pack for Foundry by Elixir Graphics.

BWD is great for you can try it free, and Potion Pack has amazing value for its price.

Learning either one can feel a bit daunting task at first. Both packs so many features.

Personally, as I was going to move into learning free-form weaving anyway, I went for Hover Image / Potion Pack / Foundry. I was super happy to found an amazing number of video tutorials including Hover Image stack. Tutorial video for hover Image you can found here, perhaps it features simplicity you are looking for. :slight_smile:

Edit: Stack name changed

Thanks for all the info - that certainly looks interesting. I own and am learning Foundation, but I don’t have (the disturbingly similarly named!) Foundry. I assume I need the entire Foundry package installed for HoverBox to work?

Hover Box isn’t part of Foundry, but Hover Image is. Hover Box is a stack that I linked to earlier that will work with Foundation.

HoverBox is certainly exactly what I was looking for, but like so many other stacks, doesn’t do QUITE what I want! Specifically, I’m using Doobox’s Swell on the thumbnails, and HoverBox stops that working. Also, it seems there’s no way to automatically centre the text layer over the thumbnail. Sigh, there’s always something…

I’m wondering if I’m going about this the wrong way. Perhaps what I’m looking for is a really excellent lightbox video gallery that will do it all - display a responsive grid of thumbnails with rollover info, and pop up a lightbox video player when clicked. That’s really all I’m trying to do - it seems like trying to piecemeal out the elements is causing issues all the time. Suggestions welcome, and very much appreciated!

I’m afraid I’ve lucked out on all the options I’ve tried - this doesn’t appear to be possible, sadly. Velvet Video from NCD is sweet as a ‘gridable’ lightbox, but doesn’t allow text overlays or the little swell effect, and I can’t find anything else that will do it. Maybe have to go back to WordPress…unless anyone has any ideas.

Aha! So it’s Foundation time! I shall continue to dig into it…thank you SO much for the work you put into helping.

You don’t need to use Foundation. SectionsPro and BOX work with other themes as well if that’s your preference.


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Also check here for freebees and explore how to do this kind of goodies

Is this your design?

Some of those design are very impressive. and excellent

Absolutely not @TechBill. That’s the great work from Rob Hall the RapidWeaver Ninja. I downloaded some freebies and bought some to explore and learn.