How can I enlarge a screen shot on a web page

Sorry I won’t let me put a page link into the website, so we are speaking of my website and the page titled ‘Dark Matter’ . What I want to do is to stretch the photograph you see below the banner . I want to get rid of some of the whitespace around it but try as might it won’t come up any larger . In case it has some effect on the result the picture displayed is a screen shot taken from Pages . Thanks

Not sure what image you are talking about?

You have an image with an alt text of “new webpage” that doesn’t have a valid image source.

The image right below that “screenshot-2021-10-09-at-20.49.02.png” doesn’t really have any “white space”. You might want to make that an optimized jpeg instead of a png for speed.

The white space on left and right sides on large screens is being set by the content width (1170px) in master styles.


BTW the text you put at the top above the bander looks pretty bad on small screens. No margins or padding and really pushes the content and Menu down:

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