Easy question here about getting my images to fit properly on the site

I am new to RW and I cannot get my pictures to fit properly on the screen. I am trying to have a large picture at the top with just plain white text on top of the image, very simple and not complicated. It either zooms too far in and cuts off the top or bottom of my image, or it makes the text too far to the bottom or top. Also, it does not transition to mobile well either. I know there has to be an easy fix for such a simple problem but I am getting very frustrated that I cannot find it. Can somebody please help me!? I can sometimes get it to look okay on a mac but when I pull it up on windows the picture is cut off, is it my pictures or what?

If you can provide a URL, it’ll be easier to diagnose.

Some stacks / themes etc are designed to fill up a certain width or percentage of the browser or be displayed in a certain ratio. So if you place an image that is of a different width x height ratio, it’ll need to scale it to fill the space it is designed to take up, which may cut your image off or zoom it in, etc.

http://treymullinaxgolf.com/ Thanks Jason, as you can see on the about page, partners, and tournaments. The image is off center and zoomed in.

Yeah, the image is set to fill that entire space (and the space is a fixed height with variable width). If you take your mouse and drag the browser sides back and forth to make your window more narrow or more wide, you’ll see the image change to fit that space.

You could try making that image a fixed background image, so that your content scrolls over top of it, and the image stays static in the background

If you had it set to remain in the same ratio (which would be setting the image to “contain”) you end up with something like this, with odd white spaces on each side, depending on screen width. Right now, it is set to ‘Cover’ which means it should fill the entire space