How can I open my embersnap files? I need to open and save them as jpeg

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How can I open my embersnap files? I need to open and save them as jpeg. It was as shock to see that the ember app is discontinued and upon upgrading my OS I can no longer use it or access my screenshots. I use it all the time, and paid for the app. I have no problem paying for the app to keep using it.

I located my embersnaps, and can only click and preview them using the space bar. But I really need to be able to open them up in PhotoShop. What can I do to be able to open up my files? I REALLY need my screenshots of websites in progress. I use it to look back on website development before, after and during the process.


(Jason Bostick) #2

What version do you have? If it is older than 1.8.5, maybe the one linked in this forum message will work?

(Tara C Kenny) #3

Thanks Jason, I"ll try it. In the meantine, I found that if open the embersnap with Preview, aI can export the file from Preview as a jpeg, I can then open the jpeg in PShop. I have a lot of files though. :))

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Also, I think ti was the upgrade to my Mac OS. Today I upgraded to Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4 and that’s what prevented the app form opening up any more.

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