Help with Ember App Update

Can someone give me an update on Ember? I transitioned from Little Snapper to Ember and know that Realmac stopped selling it but thought they were going to still keep it supported. But it has become unusable at this point.

Which version are you running, there was a beta version available for a time (v1.8.5) which fixed some problems, but I haven’t heard anything since? If you are running the latest version of OSX I doubt this will help you anyway. I’ve moved on to another product, which is a shame…



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I have 1.8.4. I sent them an email to see if I could get a copy of 1.8.5.

Mark, what product are you using now?

Hi David, Im using Pixave2 now, which support more formats, but for simple web snapping and organising of ideas I still really like Ember. From memory 1.8.5 worked OK but I had problems when using dropbox to sync libraries across machines - which is something I can’t live without.

If you don’t need to share across dropbox 1.8.5 should be OK for you.

I’d really like Realmac to give Ember some attention, but I guess it isn’t making commercial sense for them.



Thanks for the feedback Mark. I have been looking at Pixave and Inboard to transition to from Ember. I have been sycning Ember with Dropbox and it still syncs, never gave me trouble, but over the past month when I snap a web page with my Chrome extension, the images are showing in Ember, only placeholders and whatever tags I assign. So I hit my breaking point.

Pixave looks good. What makes Pixave cumbersome compared to Ember? It looks like the same workflow (when on a page in my browser, click to add to app and specify tags).

Would love your feedback. Thanks,

Hi David
I may have misled you slightly, sorry. Ember did everything I wanted, and I liked it - so didn’t want to change. Pixave has a lot more features, many of which I do’t use, I’m not a big user of tags for example and I don’t store videos in it.

My workflow Pixave is the same as Ember all I do is clip images, and pages from the web, organise them into folders for various projects and annotate them for my own use and to share with others. I share my library between an iMac and MacBook using dropbox - which has worked faultlessly.

Pixave can save all the images in web page with one click, a single image as well as a section or all the web page. You can annotate you clips with built in tools or an external image editor.

At $15 its good value and there is a demo download I think too.



Thanks Mark for taking the time to share that. It helps.

Here is a link to 1.8.5:

I did hear back from Real Mac Support about Ember as such:

Hey David,

I apologize for the late reply to your request. We’ve been busy with the development and launch of RapidWeaver 7 and Squashed 2 plus we are in the middle of moving to a newer and easier to use help desk system!

Ember 1.8.5 is available from here:

Unfortunately Ember development is on hold at the moment. We hope to be able to get back to issuing updates in the future, but we cannot guarantee it.
If you want to continue using Ember we recommend using a local library only, do not use Dropbox Sync or iCloud.

Please Update,I will pay for it again

Thanks for this. Why have they removed the forum entry linked from the blog? It took me ages to access this download.

I was looking here:

Got it finally (thanks!)

Just found this, thx a lot for the link
I’ve another issue tho, I lost track of my safari extension (save image to ember) and the link within the app leads to a 404 error page, anyone have a backup of it?

Also, I really hope that Ember will comeback… I’m using Inboard now and the dev is really slow, their extensions have been broken for months (more than a year for some) and they aren’t fixing…

Hey David, thanks for posting the link. Sadly, my original Ember is from the Mac App Store and this 1.8.5 is asking for registration code which I don’t have and my 1.8.4 is not updating via App Store. Any solutions you could recommend?


I’ve been wondering what to try now that Ember is defunct.
I just discovered CleanShot and LOVE it so far. I hope this helps someone here.