How disable consolidating CSS File in RW 7?

(Wondrous) #1

Sorry, but how can I disable the consolidation of CSS in the RW7? In the previous version (RW6), it was switched off somewhere, in the new version I will not find it anywhere.

(robertreinink) #2

You can manage that in Settings under the tab General. On the bottom of that page click on Advanced and you’ll see it under Site Options.

(Wondrous) #3

Robert, thank you for reply. In Settings - General - Advansced there is only “Enable code completion” that’s it?

(Dylan Banks) #4

The consolidate setting is within the project advanced settings not RW preferences.

(Wondrous) #5

The ability to enable or disable consolidation is nowhere found in the program.

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Either you have a very wonky version of the program or …

If you are using RW7 then click on Settings: General.
Then you will see that area. Scroll to bottom and there is a button that says “Advanced”. Click it. Up pops extra options You want the 4th one from the top.

(Dylan Banks) #7

(Wondrous) #8

Thank you very much!

Sometimes not immediately find, since the developers change the program settings from version to version.