How disable consolidating CSS File in RW 7?

Sorry, but how can I disable the consolidation of CSS in the RW7? In the previous version (RW6), it was switched off somewhere, in the new version I will not find it anywhere.

You can manage that in Settings under the tab General. On the bottom of that page click on Advanced and you’ll see it under Site Options.

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Robert, thank you for reply. In Settings - General - Advansced there is only “Enable code completion” that’s it?

The consolidate setting is within the project advanced settings not RW preferences.

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The ability to enable or disable consolidation is nowhere found in the program.

Either you have a very wonky version of the program or …

If you are using RW7 then click on Settings: General.
Then you will see that area. Scroll to bottom and there is a button that says “Advanced”. Click it. Up pops extra options You want the 4th one from the top.

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Thank you very much!

Sometimes not immediately find, since the developers change the program settings from version to version.