How do I use PIWIK with RapidWeaver?

I would like to use PIWIK for web analytics but I don’t know where to put the javascript code. There are spots for Google and GoSquared. Can I use one of those? Or is there another place?


Put it in the GoSquared

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Awesome ! Thanks! I will test this out :slight_smile:

The code can go here.

It seems to work in either place but as I have it in teh 'code" area right now, I will keep it their (cleaner I think).

Thanks everyone!

I totally understand the cleaner feel of putting the code in the Global Code field.

Just FYI
Install the JavaScript Tracking Tag

Piwik will issue you with a JavaScript tag. This code must appear on every page that you want Piwik to analyze. We recommend that you put this code just before your tag at the bottom of your pages (or in a general footer file that is included at the bottom of all your pages).

Although this code may work when placed in the header it is good practice to place any JS at the bottom of your page. This is will ensure that your visitors are not impacted by a need to load JS before content.

@nikf does the Java Script field place the code at the bottom of the page?

I look forward to the global code section in RW7 which will allow for us to have it both ways. In the Globla Code and in the appropriate location on the page.



The site-wide Javascript field is actually placed inside a global.js file, which we link to in the body of each page. That way, when your scripts change, we don’t need to re-upload every page :slightly_smiling:



Thanks @nikf,

Am I correct that this file is linked to at the bottom of the body?


Correct (if you’re seeing otherwise when using the feature, please let me know!).

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