Site wide tracking code

(thkl) #1

I have to insert a tracking code on each sub page to enable the tracking of my different sub pages. The code has to be inserted before the closing head-tag. Is there a chance to do that via the site wide code feature of RW6?

(Joe Workman) #2

You place it here…

(Nick Wilcox-Brown) #3

To add to Joe’s helpful information, it is possible to paste any tracking code in either the Google or GoSquared location and it will work.

I have used Statcounter for years and it works perfectly when pasted into the Google position (except you cannot of course click on the Shortcut icons for Google/GoSquared to view the stats).

(thkl) #4

Thanks a lot. That sounds easy. I just checked it and it works great, again, thanks a lot.