How do you make text fade?

Several of the websites I frequent display text that gradually gets dimmer and dimmer until you can’t read it any more. The goal is to get you interested in a story that resides behind a paywall. If you want to read more have to join the club to log in.

This example from the Wall Street Journal shows what I mean:

Is there a stack somewhere that produces this fading text?

What kind of stack would you use to link the text to some kind of pay wall?

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Ooops disregard my original post if you read it. I mistook how you wanted the text to fade. If you want a timed fade where the whole text block disappears then a stack like joe workman’s impact would be good. There are stacks to fade the text with a gradient fade as in your example. Can’t recall them off top of my head. A google should yield some.

Paragraph Pro from Big White Duck will do this I believe.

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