How to make text fade away

I have asked this question before but still don’t know the answer.


I want to use it similar to a “Read More” stack.

If possible I want to put it behind some kind of paywall like in the attached jpeg.

Don’t know what happened to my question:

Does anybody know of a stack that can cause text to fade away at the end like attached jpeg above?

cover it with a partially transparent overlay gradient

I don’t know of a stack that does that.

You can do it with some CSS.

Thanks for the tip. Looks like it is do-able but way over my paygrade.

Scott, how do you cover text with partially transparent overlay gradient?

The “read-more-function” of Andrews ParagraphPro stack:

has that kind of feature, Tim.


Tkx Harry, this is the great thing about following the various threads - one can always learn something, even when one thought to already know the stacks :wink:

Big White Duck’s (@tav) ‘Paragraph Pro’ and ‘Scribe’ have the Child stack ‘Read more’, which allows to at least fade out the last line - right out of the box, no special skills required


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If I understand what was being requested, wasn’t a simple “read more” with faded text, but a conditional “read more”.

The user would need to signup to continue reading. The text fade is just the effect.


You interpreted my request correctly. I did want to have a conditional “read more” that was predicated on a signup in order to continue reading.

My thinking was that a signup might live behind something like Joe Workmans’ password stack.

I’m not sure if this is a skill set issue or whether a stack could be created to make it happen. (If it is based on skills my customers will get to read everything for free)

I would, however, still be interested in the faded read-more even I could not password protect it.
I like the paragraph pro’s read more but like the graphics of the fade out better.

I wonder what something like this would cost to make? I have a lot of productivity plugins that I’ve hired developers to write for my CAD software. Has been some of the most cost/effective investments I have made for my business.

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