How to add "read more.." to RW blog?

I need to write articles with maybe 10 lines and then READ MORE… link to entire article.
In this way i can insert many articles and an user shouldn’t read the entire article before see the second article’s title you know what i mean?!
Something like this:

Any suggestion please? Thank you so much

Ahoi @andrecreative,
just put those first lines into the ‘summary’ area, the whole article into the ‘body’ area. The ‘read more’ link will be placed automatically by RW (you can also customize it within the inspector in the ‘general’-tab). But you need to enable and set permalinks. (They are enabled by default, but you need to set a permalink for every article by yourself.)

Happy weaving :grin:


Yes thats what i want !!! Its works fine now !!! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add pictures inside the Body ?! If yes … how to do it please?! Thank you :grin:

Yes, you can drag’n’drop them to insert them very easily into the body area.

You’re welcome :wink: