More pages in blog

If I can have a stupid question… How do you manage it to be more pages in blog? I have about 15 articles and they are all in first page (there is only that one page and no numbers at the bottom if you know what I mean).

Thank you

I use RW5 (currently) so this may not apply to RW6, but here goes:

I think you can have as many blogs as you like on the same site - I have two on mine - provided you use a different file name (and different folder) for each one. As I understand, a blog is actually one long page that is viewed by scrolling up or down which is why when you view in in a browser all the articles appear in a long list. Clicking a link takes you to the individual article(, and clicking a category to the articles in that particular category.

If you want to sort the list rather than have each article display in the same order you entered it then that would requires some ingenuity. You can change the date and time of each blog entry. You can enter keywords in the categories box. I don’t use tags (to me, they look messy). On the blog page inspector, under categories, you can enable them and in abc order in the sidebar. If you manually rearrange the keywords in the categories box (on the blog edit page) then they’d appear in your order, which makes for consistency. Depending upon the purpose of your blog and your target market, you don’t have to show dates of each article on the blog, simply use the dates for sorting,

I like to think I’ve created an excellent blog layout on my sites. I also write a twice-monthly blog for another site which attracts 1.5M visitors year so I need my own blog to be complementary. Judge for yourself, here’s a link -

Hi afirrk, the default blog page in Rapidweaver doesn’t have pagination. So you can’t have a link at the bottom of the page showing older posts or newer posts, or numbers as links to other blog pages with different sets of posts. There is a compromise solution though, a free script called Infinite Scroll. Please see This will load more post automatically when the visitor scrolls down on the blog page. You can set the number of posts you want to show at a time.This way all your posts won’t be loaded at once causing potential slowness.

There are other blog options for Rapidweaver too. Armadillo (which is a CMS and requires the Stacks plugin) and Rapidblog plugin which syncs with Blogger, and both of these have pagination - not advanced really, but pagination nevertheless. There is also WP-plugin that brings a Wordpress blog to Rapidweaver but I have no experience of it and I’m not sure about pagination in it. If you have Stacks, you might be interested in the Tumblr stack.

Buonasera ,ho scaricato Infinite Scroll,mi insegnate come si istalla su RapidWeaver 6?:sweat: