How to apply styles to specific Stacks

I’m a newbie to using Stacks and most of the rest of RW, so apologies if I’ve completely misunderstood here.

I want to be able to apply styling to a Stack, e.g. I want a number of Header stacks to be, say, in red text and left justified in a specific font. All I seem to be able to do is to either make changes to the styling of the whole page, apply one of Master Styles to the page, or change the Header to one of the HTML standard H1-6 styles. Is it possible to do what I want - select styling for each instance of a type of Stack individually - of have I misunderstood the whole principle?

I’d assumed that RW would work along similar lines to native CSS, i.e. create a style, name it and then use it anywhere, but it seems to be considerably more inflexible and confusing and I can’t even understand how to do something as basic as that. :frowning:

For the most part the styling is controled via the theme.
That being said, some stacks have overrides - Paragraph and header Pro from Big White Duck (please give a donation) and many others.
There is also a free stack from Joe Workman ( called CSSbox, you can drop any other stack into a CSSbox and assign it a custom id or class and target it with CSS


Thanks Scott.

I’d previously (in RW5) modified a theme using RWThemeMiner which was laborious but worked quite well for me, but that route no longer seems to be available. Can anyone tell me if there is a current way of similarly modifying themes?

sorry, no idea I havent used a theme in years. started using blank theme years ago, moved to Foundation when that came out and never looked back. There are several “BLANK” themes/frameworks now that allow you to start with a clean slate and build exactly wht you want.

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Thanks Scott - I had no idea they were available. In the day job (which this isn’t for) I develop Java web applications so I’m more more used to doing it from scratch. Sounds like that might suit me better.

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