How to insert a stack in a non-stacks page in RW 15?

This might seem like a dumb question but I’m coming from the world of RW 4 where you could actually post previously formatted text onto a RW page and have it stay! I’ve been reading the discussions about how it’s all different now and you can’t think in word-processing terms/context blah blah blah. I accept that. But still this should be a lot more simple than it is. I’m working with a beautiful theme with a beautifully formatted blog page. I don’t want to mess up the lay out – but as an author, I want to use block quotes, indented text, bullets, etc. And even though it shows 3 different justifications (left, center, and right) - it only allows center even when I select left! WHAT’S A WRITER TO DO??? So I got the requisite stacks – paragraph, justify, etc. but when I try to put them on the blog page, they just want to make their own page. I do not have time to learn a new complicated syntax like mark down, etc. I also suffer from disability so cannot hire anyone to do this for me. I am not averse to inserting extra coding in the CSS page if I know what code to put there. So someone, please HELP me! Thanks!

First off, stacks only work on the Stacks plugin page type. So if you are using the built in blog page type that’s a no-go.

Before pasting in your text it should be converted to plain text, or you need to select it and then clear the formatting in the menu.

This will allow the theme to determine the style.


Oh. Okay. That’s probably why it didn’t work then. It was a Pages page, fully formatted. Alright I will convert to plain and see what happens. Thanks so much Scott! :smiley:

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