How to create Error Pages ? 401 etc

Hi all, are there any instructions in the RW archives for creating Error Pages ?

I would think that a correctly published RW site wouldnt need any error pages at all, but it would make a RW site look more complete.


there is a video in the advanced section:

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@teefers thank you Doug youre a star

Ah, the trouble with that video is that I have to PAY to see it :frowning:

Dam ad blast, thanks for helping Doug :slight_smile:


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@Doobox Woweee thanks for that Link and ScreenShot , i dont doubt that is the answer to my question, but the trouble is, i dont fully understand it .

I do know what an Offsite Page is of course, but apart from that, i sadly dont have a clue what the picture is trying to explain and/or demonstrate :frowning:

I suppose i shall have to subscribe to the Advanced Video Site :slight_smile:


The video in the link is incorrect. It will not work in a rapid weaver website with subpages.

An offsite page, is just a page type, like stacks is a page type. Offsite pages come with RW by default.

So the image is showing the two pages added to the project on the left.
Then the settings for each page.
Then in the stacks page you put what ever you want the user to see when they encounter a 404 error.

Then you have to put that line of code into your htaccess file you will find when you ftp your server in the root of the website, the same level as the html file for the home page exists.

Hey Tim,
The videos in the advanced area are quite good, so It might be worth the subscription price (at least for a month or two).

If you are familiar with updating .htaccess files it is a simple change.
Just set up a page called 404.html (or any error code) in the root directory of you RW project, It can be any kind of page you like.
then add this line to the .htaccess file:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

you can do this for any error code including the 401 you asked about.

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@teefers thanks Doug i needed a push :slight_smile:

i am subscribing right now :slight_smile:


Hey Doug, as said above, this is what it also says in the Video, but if you do this with Rapidweaver it does not work. The only way to do it with Rapidweaver currently is using my Workaround. Which is bouncing on from the real 404 page to a secondary page that will be displayed properly.

If you read the full post I linked to above, you will realise why.


@Doobox & @teefers
Thanks for your replies you have now got me suitably Motivated to pay my 10 dollars thanks