Web Page--Not a Web Site

I’d like to create both custom “Under Construction” and "404"pages which I can use on a series of websites. Is there a way to use Rapidweaver just to create these two pages? When I publish them locally, I get the full range of exported RW components, with the following file structure:

files (folder) containing:


rw_common (folder)
==plugins (folder)
==themes (folder)


This seems to be overkill and in any event would have to be integrated somehow with the existing files and rw_common folders on the existing web sites. I could code this manually, I suppose, but then wouldn’t be able to take advantage of stacks, etc.

I think the only way you would be able to get it to be in a single file is if you hand coded the content for the page.

If you use a plugin or theme then the rw_common contents will be required for sure.

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