How to get rid of "Made in RapidWeaver" icon badge

Since upgrading to RapidWeaver Classic (8.10.0), there is an icon or badge or whatever you want to call it in the lower left corner of all my webpages that says “Made in RapidWeaver”.

How do I get rid of this?

In Preferences/General I see “Badge: Enable on new Projects” and it is checked. Is that the culprit? If so, and I uncheck it, will it get rid of the “Made in RapidWeaver” icon/badge the next time I publish?

Note: I did not ask for this. All I did was move to RW Classic from the older RW 8.something, and re-publish. I’m surprised RW would activate this by default.

Maybe this can help:

That solved it, thank you.

BTW I did search the forums before posting but I did not get the referenced page as a result. So thanks for the link!

Helped me, too. Thanks.

That clinches it for me. I will not be “upgrading” but will look for a less avaricious website builder.

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@nerval – I think you might be misunderstanding the badge feature. The badge allows you to put any text and image there you want. The default is just a Made With RapidWeaver placeholder. And if you don’t want the badge, it’s as easy as turning it off. It isn’t a nagware tool.


I think RW would have done better to not have the button as a default. I know what the intention was, but to some it would give the impression that RW is getting free advertising on a product folks paid for. And that is not good


Thanks for the feedback. We discussed this in detail internally, there were arguments for enabling and disabling it by default.

In the end, we decided to leave it on by default for discoverability as it was a new feature. We may change that behaviour in a future update though.