Rapidweaver 6 “Publishing complete” pop up is annoying, is it just me?

Using Rapidweaver 6 there is a pop up window that comes up every time I publish which says ‘publishing complete’ with a close or visit button. This pop up window is quite annoying because I have to get rid of it before I can publish again.

Are there any other options other than a pop up?

You can turn off this notification in System Preferences :slight_smile:

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Hi Nik, I still get annoyed by this and realised I haven’t sorted it yet, but where exactly in system prefs?

Under the notifications preference, there should be a list of applications and you can find RapidWeaver and turn it off.

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Is this actually inside the rapidweaver software?

Nope, it is under the System Preferences.

Click on notifications and you will see this:

Find RapidWeaver and turn notifications off.

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Oooh! Ahhhh :-). THAT’S why I couldn’t find it.

Thank you :wink:

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I tried that. Did exactly what it says and Rapid Weaver now appears at the bottom of the list on the left under the title ‘Not in Notification Centre’.

And yet …

When I publish I still get both messages notifying me that the site has published and asking me if I want to visit.

I have closed and restarted Rapidweaver (twice).

Any suggestions?

Sorry Pip I don’t think I have the answer on this one. @Zeebe?

A screenshot of exactly what the settings for RapidWeaver look like would be useful. Are they as like this?

Switch off the “show notification” checkmark in Rapidweaver/Preferences.