How to implement separate desktop and mobile page versions?

I want to create a mobile version of an existing page (using BlueBalls FreeStacks Responsive on my RW 5.3.4 Snow Leopard Mac) and have the user automatically load the correct version.

I don’t know whether the user will be using a desktop or mobile so I want to give him/her one url and then give him the right version of the page for his device.

I understand this is possible, how do I do this?

All help gratefully received, thanks. Cris

If you are using FreeStack Responsive, you do not need to make two different versions, the theme will automatically respond to the screen size it is currently on.

Thanks Zeebe,

Yes, I can see that FSR works both on desktop and mobile. But it cautions you to only use Responsive stacks.

Some of the stacks I use do not work properly in FSR and resolving that issue looks to be very time-consuming and/or complex. So, initially, it seems easier to create a separate moblie version of a page (not a whole site). and just load the right version… Is there a writeup on how to do this anywhere? Maybe via htaccess?

Then you will want to use Mobilize by Nimblehost


Thanks again Zeebe.

The description of the Mobilize plugin seems both very complicated and far more comprehensive than I need. It also says I need to create a mobile web-site. Although my site has maybe 40 pages, I only need to create mobile versions for one (or maybe two) pages. I don’t have the time or the inclination for more, nor do I see any need for more than a couple.

Is there htaccess code to decide if it’s a mobile and then give them the correct version of a page.

Alternatively, I could put a link at the top of the desktop page saying if you’re on a mobile, click here for the mobile version. And vice-versa with a link on the mobile page. That’s not automatic but would work. It would just need it to be a separate page, but do I give the page the same name? How?

@zeebe is right - your best bet is to utilize Mobilize. Although it may sound daunting, Jonathan’s instructions are actually quite easy to follow

Although people might click a link to view the alternate page, why make them do so when such a simple solution is at hand? I’ve used Mobilize in lots of my sites - including some where I only need to redirect a page or two. An example would be here. ( I actually use Mobilize three ways - each of the following get served up a different page: Desktops, Tablets, and Mobile devices. All other pages on the site get served up the same (responsive) page regardless of the device used.


I can’t help suspecting that replacing the non-responsive stacks would be the simplest and quickest solution.

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I also need a way to redirect from


when one is using a mobile device.

See this post

4 posts above yours

EDIT - Thanks to @thang below, this is the correct link for Mobilize!!!

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Here is the new URL for Mobilize since it was sold to Will Woodgate:


Thanks David! Thought Nimblehost still had it and didn’t even check the link!!

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yeah - I just happened to check the link out of curiosity, and then wondered if Will had taken over Mobilize, and so checked the sey design site, where I found it and posted the link here.

Mobilize was formally a page type plugin for RapidWeaver 5 & 6, developed by Nimblehost. It was not economically viable to update it for RapidWeaver 7, so I discontinued the plugin and turned it into a stack instead.

But the Mobilize stack definitely is available and is actively developed. Mobilize is totally relevant to use, if you are seeking to redirect traffic from different devices onto different webpages. It can even serve a purpose in websites that are already mobile responsive.

The newer stack version carries more customisable options than the plugin did, together with a much fresher and easier user interface. A free demo version is available to download.