How to scroll only within the bottom section of a page?

Using Foundry. I have a header and nav within a sticky set to TOP. Below that is a ProGallery2 stack with thumbs. I’ve tried numerous approaches but can’t seem to find a solution where when viewing the page the only portion that scrolls is the section with the ProGallery2 stack. ie… do not want the header top section to roll off the page nor the thumbs rolling and showing the header on top of them. See the following page. Want the scrolling to be limited to within the dark section.

Sure would appreciate some help figuring this out.


If I understand what you want, the problem is the background image at the top is scrolling?
If that’s the case, you have the background image on a foundryContainer_stack, below that you have the foundryStickyContent_stack. I’m no expert on Foundry, but if you want the background image to stick you should try putting the background image on the “sticky stack”.

Hi Doug,

The issue is with the bottom of the page not the top. Go to the link I provided. In the lower section with thumbs try scrolling to see more thumbs. You will see that the scroll continues through the top section. What I’m looking for is to only scroll within the dark area (lower section).

So if I understand what you want. I just added your background image to the “sticky” stack, (not a separate stack. I can then scroll down and the “black” part is the only part that scrolls:

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Bingo! I had the image in the container vs sticky. Thanks a bunch Doug!

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