How to start off with simple html page

How do I start a simple html page with a choice of color, font placement, and positioning of a button?

Hello Lee,

From the RW ‘add’ menu, choose an HTML Code page type.

In the Page Inspector, click on the bolt head icon (page options) and make sure the Apply Theme option is unchecked.

This will now give you a totally empty HTML page to start writing your code into.

Unlike a normal page type in RW, you will need to include all your structural HTML markup yourself, like the doctype, head tags, charset and body. Like in my screenshot:

Resulting in this when you preview or publish the page:

Obviously from this point, the onus is placed on you coding the entire webpage with your own HTML, CSS and Javascript code. You cannot use addons like stacks in a blank HTML code page.

These are good button generators to bookmark and use:

You would copy the resulting HTML code between your <body> tags. Drop the CSS code between a pair of <style> tags, within the <head> section of the page. Then within a few seconds, you’ll have something like this:

From this point, you can continue to code your webpage and add your content. RW will include it in the export or publishing of other pages.

This is a great method towards learning the fundamentals of hand-coding webpages. An absolutely essential skill if you plan on doing any paid web design or development jobs. There are plenty of people on these forums who can help with any coding questions you might have.


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