Can Rapidweaver open a folder of html files?

On my ongoing journey to game development in the wrong ways possible, I am wondering if Rapidweaver can open my html files for styling? I am using a special piece of software that is used to develop html “gamebooks”. Long story short, it allows you to quickly flesh out the story flow with choices in a non-linear fashion. Like a choose your own adventure book. The end result is a folder full of unstyled basic html files that I am hoping to add styling and images and multimedia to. Anyone here who has any ideas on how to make this work, please let me know!
Thank you!

RapidWeaver isn’t an HTML editior. It supports native HTML pages. There is also a html Stack for the stacks plugin.
What does the HTML look like, (are they complete pages or just snippets of HTML?

RapidWeaver has a free demo version, you could grab it and try what you want.

The files are readable in a web browser. Here is the code for one:

Pasted as image because everytime i paste the code, the actual html output displays. There is additionally a simple css file.

The beauty of the app is that you can work in a top down mode to create the “map” of the html files. Double click - new html file created. Add link in a different box, and the links are created for you. I know this is a niche need, but it seems to be possible at least – you guys have the knowledge! I am buying rapidweaver this week, I just have to get my mac out of storage.

That’s a full blown html page.

RW probably wouldn’t be much help with this. You could set it up as a HTML page, but then the styling from the theme wouldn’t be applied. You could strip out the body and treat it as a snippet, but then the Link’s the app created wouldn’t work.

I would be fine with manually recreating the pages…the app is good in itself for creating a prototype. Hopefully there will be a solution found. I still thing the styling would be worth it alone. thank you@!

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