Hyperlink from a header


I see this issue is common to others, but in a different way depending on the theme. I’m trying to make a header an hyperlink from a Header stack (the one supplied as standard with Stacks 3). The theme I’m using is Voyager from RW7.

The Add Link command works fine, and the parameters in the dialog are fine. Yet, this doesn’t translate in a hyperlink in the code.

The same happens with an ordinary HTML box from RW8, with the H3 header manually assigned. Link inside the header tags.

Is there a way to force header tags accept hyperlinks?


Not sure exactly what you are saying here. The “add Link command works fine”, doesn’t really make sense to me when you are saying you are using the Stacks (supplied with stacks) header stack. How are you applying the “link Command” with that stack?

Anyway, The easiest way to add a link to most any stack is to get one of the many free stacks available that allow you to add a link to most any stack. LinkBox from stacks4stacks works well for this. Simply put link box on the page, but the header stack (or most any stack). Choose the header stack and select the Set Link button.


Teefers, thank you very much for your answer. I’m sorry for not having been clearer, but what I meant was to make text inside a “Header” stack a link. Not the stack itself.

In the end, I just used an ordinary Styled Text stack, applied the H3 tag to the text, and made it a link. It worked as usual.

Very interesting the stack you are pointing me to!


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