Header stacks do not hyperlink

I am not able to get any text in the header stacks to hyperlink. I’ve tried the header stack that comes with RapidWeaver and Header Pro. I thought it was maybe because they needed a styled text stack inside them but that’s not it because they don’t let me insert any other stacks inside them either. What is going on? Nowhere else have I experienced this problem. I want some of the headers to link to paragraphs on the same page, and others to link to outside pages. Still, no matter what I do, the link buttons at the bottom remain “grayed out.” What is going on? This seems like such a stupid simple thing. Am I missing something???


If you mean Header Pro? It has it’s own option… you don’t want to use any of the RW settings in this case, just the Header Pro settings.


Are you talking about the text link buttons at the bottom of the screen?
Look in the UI of headerpro it’s self, is there a link option for the stack it’s self?
I’m on mobile right now so I can’t look for you.

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Oh! Thanks Lisa! I didn’t see the link setting!

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Thanks Scott – Lisa showed me where the link setting was!

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