Header stacks do not hyperlink

(Judy Kennedy) #1

I am not able to get any text in the header stacks to hyperlink. I’ve tried the header stack that comes with RapidWeaver and Header Pro. I thought it was maybe because they needed a styled text stack inside them but that’s not it because they don’t let me insert any other stacks inside them either. What is going on? Nowhere else have I experienced this problem. I want some of the headers to link to paragraphs on the same page, and others to link to outside pages. Still, no matter what I do, the link buttons at the bottom remain “grayed out.” What is going on? This seems like such a stupid simple thing. Am I missing something???


(Lisa Sandler) #2

If you mean Header Pro? It has it’s own option… you don’t want to use any of the RW settings in this case, just the Header Pro settings.

(scott williams) #3

Are you talking about the text link buttons at the bottom of the screen?
Look in the UI of headerpro it’s self, is there a link option for the stack it’s self?
I’m on mobile right now so I can’t look for you.

(Judy Kennedy) #4

Oh! Thanks Lisa! I didn’t see the link setting!

(Judy Kennedy) #5

Thanks Scott – Lisa showed me where the link setting was!

(system) #6

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