I need help to create 302 redirect code for Rapidweaver 8

Hello everyone,

I am new at using Rapidweaver 8 and recently change a blog URL path and would like a sample 302 redirect code to include inside RapidWeaver so when someone clicks on the old URL, they are automatically redirected to the new URL.

For example, when someone clicks on http://mywebsite.com/OLD-URL, they are automatically redirected to http://mywebsite.com/NEW-URL.

I would appreciate any suggestions that I can use for my website that was built with Rapidweaver 8.

Thank you in advance,


There’s different ways to do redirects depending on the hosting company you are using. The most common way is with an .htaccess file if your host is using Apache web server and supports that.

RW8 has a built-in htaccess editor inside the publishing settings.
The htaccess file supports varieties of ways to redirect a URL’s depending on what and where you want to redirect and what return code if any you want issued.

Your post title indicates you want a temporary(302) redirect. The obscure example you gave makes it difficult to give you a best answer but the simplest type of redirect with Apache htaccess would be a single line alias redirect.

Redirect 302 /path/to/old/file/old.html /path/to/new/file/new.html

You can search the Internet for more information, an example page

Thank you very much Doug and will confirm with the hosting company if they use Apache web server. I suspect they do because they edited my .htaccess file to redirect http:// -> secured https://

I noticed my mistake and wanted a “permanent” redirect so I am assuming I should use Redirect 301 for this to happen.

Thanks again Doug and will give this a try today.



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