Tutorial for creating 301 Redirects

I want to make sure I fully understand how to create a 301 Redirect.
My understanding is that I can manage this completely within the RapidWeaver interface and do not need to do anything outside of RapidWeaver to make this happen.

I found the dialog box for editing .htaccess files in the Publishing Setup.
The dialog is a bit sparse for instructions how to do this.

Assume that I have an original URL that reads: xyzcustomcabinets.com/cabinet_accessories.html.
If I want to rename this page to “gizmos” would I simply type the following text into the dialog box:

Redirect 301 /xyzcustomcabinets.com/cabinet_accessories.html /xzycustomcabinets.com/gizmos/

Is it any more complex than that? If anybody can recommend a tutorial video about redirects I would appreciate it greatly.

There’s tons of information on redirects out on the web. Here’s an example:


There’s even redirect generators that can help you if you need it. The syntax is pretty simple. IT NEEDS TO BE PLAIN TEXT.

A great little testing tools is also availble.
Just paste your htaccess rules in the large area. on the top line enter the URL you want to test and press the test button. It will show you the output URL as well as debugging information.

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