I really need your help! Tesla theme navigation color issue

Hello guys I am really hoping you can help me out. I am using the Tesla theme and I literally tried everything, but I just can’t seem to find how I change the color on my navigation on a mobile device.

If you look at the website on a computer layout everything is perfect, but once you look up my website on a phone the Navigation of my pages just has this gray color in the navigation-title that I would love to change. I will have a picture attached so you know what I mean.

I hope someone can help me, that would be amazing :slight_smile:

Mobile device:

My website URL is: http://mariusweber.com/

Not sure if options exist in Tesla to change these things from theme styles and not in front of my Mac at the moment to check, but try this CSS. Naturally you can change the color values to whatever you like.

nav#mobile_navigation {
	background-color: #26FF10;

nav#mobile_navigation a, nav#mobile_navigation a:visited {
    color: #35c132;

Thank you so much!!! I am sure there isn’t an option in tesla to change that since I literally tried to change every single color with no success. Your CSS Code is working thank you so much.

I just have one small little question since you helped me out so great, do you know how I can change the header size? You know on other themes for example you have the option to select your header image, and then the header size.

It would look like this:

On the theme tesla, there is no option to change that. Can I somehow change it so it won’t cover up the whole screen on a computer layout?

Thanks a lot for your help and have a great week :slight_smile:

Hi, Tesla comes with Rapidwaever for free, but there is a Pro version to buy with many more options, including colors:

Happy weaving

Jan Fuellemann

Thanks for the answer, well I just looked at it and honestly do you really think it’s worth upgrading?

I don’t see that many benefits to be honest!

Did you try searching the form for tesla. All kinds of modifications out there. Might want to see if its been done.

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In my opinion, yes it is. But part of my thinking is that I do support the developer this way, who does go a long way to support users of his stack and themes.

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you can adjust the height of course for your needs.

Yes you are right I fully agree with you on this part, of course I want to support the developers.
In this case, yes it is worth it. I was just talking about the functions that aren’t too beneficial for me.

Thanks for your reply!

I am going to do this right away!

Thanks for your help!

That sounds great thanks a lot for this. I will try it as soon as I get a chance!

I really appreciate the help :slight_smile: