RW 6 - Tesla Theme - Change footer text color

(Norman Griffin) #1

Hello, I’m trying to change the text color in the footer to black. My background is grey and the text in the footer is getting lost.

Is there some CSS code that might do the trick? If anyone has any suggestions, I’d look forward to the feedback.

Many Thanks…

(scott williams) #2

i’m sure you can but with no url we can’t see what to target with CSS. Someone may know off the top of their head, but I don’t so I would need the URL.

(Norman Griffin) #3 - This is the URL.

Many Thanks…

(scott williams) #4

Try this:
.footer_content {

Edit Sorry misread that I thought you wanted to change background…

For text just use:
.footer_content {

(Norman Griffin) #5

Awesome… Worked perfect. Thank you very much.