IDX pluggin for RapidWeaver?

Is there a way to get IDX to work with RapidWeaver?

It looks like they have canned solutions for Wordpress if you purchase the Platinum package. They also talk about domain management here.

I tried looking for a solution to embed this in your site but could not find an easy way to do that.

I’ve found a WP solution as well. Needs to be RW. Thought I might have missed something. Guess not. Thanks for looking.

I look at it this way… they want to sell their service. They want to make things look as easy as possible for people to use there product. If it were easy to embed in your existing website they would push that hard.

I am trying to be helpful, not a smart ass. I state this because I want to be sure you take it the way I mean it. I wish you a quick fix to your needs.

You didn’t sound like a smart ass. I was hoping I missed a development. Seems like something somebody would have figured out by now.

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